Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An embarrassing story

An embarrassing story I would like to forget starts when I borrow my friend’s [Siwe] high heels.
It was the thing where your shoes match my dress, and my shoes match yours. So we exchanged. Siwe had black flats, and I had two and a half inch high heels. So off to church we went. When we got there I was walking like a duck. I walked over to a lady complementing her on her shoes and expecting a complement back. When there was no complement, I walked off. I was also wearing pants that fold up at the end and one of the high heels got stuck in the fold. Sure enough, I fell… in the middle of the parking lot! I still didn’t know what happened. I was still standing up in my head. I asked myself, ”What fell? Oh, I fell. No wonder that thing was so heavy.” Next A young man came and tried to help me up, but the high heel was still stuck! Siwe, her sister Ruth, and all the other witnesses [about 20 people] were laughing HARD. Pride [literally] comes before a fall!

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