Friday, June 4, 2010

My Elephant Experience

The weekend started out with a long trip, but it was worth it.

Toward the end of the trip, we got to go to an elephant reserve. First, our guide showed us the stable where the elephants stay and how they fed them. Next, he taught us about an elephant’s body. (It was kind of like a field trip!) He told us that a lot of the elephant’s weight is on the front of the body, so the front feet are round and big, while the back feet are oval and smaller, because they carry less weight.

Then we met the elephants; Casper and Kitso. Casper is 24, and Kitso is 11. We got to pet them, and they even gave us kisses! Now I may live in Africa, but it’s not every day that I get elephant kisses! We also took them for a walk, trunk in hand. We got pictures.

That is an experience I won’t forget.

Kayla Rodgers

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  1. eewww, wet slobbery elephant kisses.
    great write-up Kayla.
    I love you.